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6 of the best…places to eat in Chicago

Chicago is giving New York some serious competition in terms of food these days, as the locals will almost certainly tell you – and they have every right to be a little proud of the variety and quality on offer. One of the recent trends has been gourmet fast food – basically pimping up staple […]

Chicago Hotellanmeldelse – Radisson Blu Aqua

Image (c) Andy Higgs, Grown-up Travel Guide Radisson Blu is a familiar hotel brand to us in Scandinavia but the company has only recently opened its first US property which they chose to locate in Chicago. My three nights in the Windy City seemed like a good opportunity to check out how they were approaching […]

Dagens bilde: Parkeringshus, Marina City

Our American cousins certainly know a bit about creative parking solutions. Residents of these towers (often called the ‘corn cobs’) aren’t even allowed to park their vehicles themselves – there’s a compulsory valet service. Which is probably just as well, as it looks a little tricky…

Dagens bilde: Skyskrapere

Dagens bilde: Buckingham Fountain – Grant Park, Chicago, USA

Officially known as the ‘Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain’ this Chicago landmark shoots water some 46 metres (150 feet) into the air during its hourly water display.

Dagens bilde: Mat i Chicago – Longman & Eagle

Photo credit: esimpraim via photopin cc

Dagens bilde: Mat i Chicago – Billy Goat Tavern

Photo credit: jshyun via photopin cc

Dagens bilde: Mat i Chicago – Johnnie’s Italian Beef

Photo credit: yooperann via photopin cc

Dagens bilde: Mat i Chicago – Giordano’s Pizza

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Dagens bilde: Mat i Chicago – Franks n’ Dawgs

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